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Atmosphere Calculator

Last Updated: May 02, 1999

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This calculator has been superceded by a newer version and only bug fixes will be made to this version. Please use the newer version if your browser is supported.

Atmosphere Calculator calculates dewpoint, relative humidity, wetbulb, wind chill, heat index, and other items depending on the information given. This page requires Netscape Navigator 2.01 or later, Internet Explorer 3.0 or later, or any other browser that supports Javascript, to work properly. The formulas used here are detailed in the Weather Algorithms page.

Disclaimer: The author is not a meteorologist and doesn't have the knowledge to be one. The formulas and algorithms on this page have been taken from various sources, electronic and print.

Default Units: English Metric Scientific

Relative Humidity %

Heat Index  
Wind Chill Index  
Saturation Vapor Pressure  
Actual Vapor Pressure  
Specific Humidity g/kg
Mixing Ratio g/kg

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