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Pinky and the Brain Lab Notes

I continue to be big fan of the late, great Bloom County comic strip and I also like its successor Outland both by Berkeley Breathed. I highly recommend them even though I disagree with some of his political views. The compilations went out-of-print long ago, but you can still get them used from places like Amazon or Alibris.

Groovitude: A Get Fuzzy Treasury

The megalo-corp that owns the area's local paper decided that having 95% of the local newspaper market was not enough, so they started printing a localized free weekly to compete with the other local free weeklies. This paper prints the week's comic strips (except Sundays) from Get Fuzzy. I loved the strip almost immediately.

Groovitude contains the contents of The Dog is Not A Toy (House Rule #4) and Fuzzy Logic and costs just a just little more than one of the books it duplicates, plus the the Sunday strips are in color.