Pinky and the Brain Lab Notes


Welcome! This unofficial site is dedicated to Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky and the Brain, a half-hour animated comedy about two lab mice, Pinky and The Brain, who are constantly trying out schemes to take over the world. The show is no longer in production, and is not currently being broadcast in the United States.

Pinky and The Brain began their adventures on Animaniacs in September 1993, and spun off into their own series in September 1995. Pinky and The Brain lasted four seasons until the final episode was broadcast November 14th, 1998.

Pinky, Elmyra, and The Brain followed the further adventures of the two lab mice from their new home at the house of Elmyra, that annoying character from Tiny Toon Adventures. A total of 13 episodes were produced, and none of them are acknowledged outside of this introduction.

This site will live on as a tribute to the series as long as suitable free web hosting is available. Explore this site and remember all the little details that made this show something worth watching.

Not much has changed between this update in 2004 and the last update in 2001. The site has a new, (and I hope) improved look. The information itself is almost the same, except for fixing some incorrect premier dates and tweaking some text here and there. I'll perform some more updates to fix some pages where I dislike the layout.

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