Pinky and the Brain Lab Notes

The Pink Candidate

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Episode Information

Premiered: November 2, 1996
Written by: Reid Harrison
Directed by: Charles Visser
Extra Voices: Tress MacNeille as Old Woman
Frank Welker as Mr. President
Richard Karron as Sweaty Pete
Jim Meskimem as Bob D.[ole]
Kevin M. Richardson as Bernard S.[haw]
Steve McGowan as Reporter
Phil Snyder as Bob C.
Animated By: Wang

Plot Summary

When Pinky writes a letter to a newspaper complaining "The Family Circus" isn't funny anymore, it gets mistaken as a political statement, causing a series of events that end in Pinky becoming President of the United States. But then scandal erupts when Brain's plans for world domination are uncovered, forcing President Pinky to choose between his job or his friend.


Brain's World Domination Plans

Brain's Tools For World Domination