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You'll Never Eat Food Pellets In This Town, Again!

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Episode Information

Premiered: April 25, 1998
Written by: Charles M. Howell IV.
Jed Spingarn
Directed by: Russell Calabrese
Extra Voices: Tress MacNeille as Billie
Dick Clark as Dick Clark
Charles Kimbrough as Sandy Dreckmore
Townsend Coleman as Bobby Fenster
Pat Musick as T.V. Mom
Mark L. Taylor as Pollster #1
Phil Hayes as Pollster #2
Billy West as Nifty Bizarre
John Rubano as Jimmy S.[mits]
Animated By: Wang

Plot Summary

In Brain's nightmare fantasy, the mice sink into obscurity after they quit their show when it is retooled by network executives looking to increase the show's ratings.


Brain's Tools For World Domination

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