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Brainwashed Part 1: Brain, Brain, Go Away

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Episode Information

Premiered: September 14, 1998
Written by: Wendell Morris
Tom Sheppard
Directed by: Kirk Tingblad
Extra Voices: Tom Bodett as Himself
Andrea Romano as Herself
Frank Welker as Mr. President
Tress MacNeille as First Lady
Townsend Coleman as Bobby Bob Yokel
Larry Cedar as Fedora
Animated By: Rough Draft Studios, Inc.

Plot Summary

In part one of three, a new dance craze called the Schmëerskåhøvên is sweeping America while also dumbing down its participants. To combat the rapid dumbing down of America, a White House conference is called to find solutions to this problem. The mice attend this conference after Brain was accidently invited, but are kicked out after the First Lady realizes the mistake. The mice then pursue a clown that stole the speech Brain was planning to give into the Washington Monument where they are sedated and captured. After Brain's mind is erased, the mice are imprisoned in strange and mysterious place where everyone is identified by the hat they wear and where everyone must perform the Schëerskåhøvên. To be continued...


Brain's World Domination Plans

Brain's Tools For World Domination


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