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Brainwashed Part 2: I Am Not A Hat

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Episode Information

Premiered: September 15, 1998
Written by: Wendell Morris
Tom Sheppard
Directed by: Kirk Tingblad
Extra Voices: Roddy McDowall as Snowball
Frank Welker as Mr. President
Tress MacNeille as First Lady
Townsend Coleman as Bobby Bob Yokel
Cree Summer as Receptionist
Corey Burton as Strawboater
Animated By: Rough Draft Studios, Inc.

Plot Summary

In part two of three, the mice manage to escape "the land of hats" and Brain regains his memory, but not before finding out that the Schmëerskåhøvên is responsible for the stupification of the world. Concluding Snowball must be the culprit, the mice track him down, only to discover he is an inmate in his own mental institution. The mice attempt to get Snowball out, only to end up joining him as inmates. To be continued...


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