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Brainwashed Part 3: Wash Harder

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Episode Information

Premiered: September 16, 1998
Written by: Wendell Morris
Tom Sheppard
Directed by: Russell Calabrese
Extra Voices: Jeff Glen Bennett as Dr. Mordough
Roddy McDowall as Snowball
Tress MacNeille as First Lady
Townsend Coleman as Bobby Bob Yokel
Nora Dunn as Precious
Animated By: Rough Draft Studios, Inc.

Plot Summary

The mice and Snowball manage to escape from the mental institution, and head off to confront the next prime suspect, Dr. Mordough, the one responsible for splicing their genes. But to their suprise, it turns out Dr. Mordough has been stupified, and the culprit is really his cat Precious. They must stop her and her planned world-wide group Schmëerskåhøvên, before the world's population is permanently stupified.


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Brain's Tools For World Domination

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