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Pinky and the Brain Lab Notes

The links below are the videos available from Amazon. Some of them may be out of stock at any given time. All videos are on VHS tape which means that none are currently available on DVD. I will update this page when and if the mice ever come to DVD.

Pinky and the Brain

Animaniacs: You WILL Title This Video

Title: Animaniacs: You WILL Title This Video
Length: 84 minutes

World Domination Tour

Title: World Domination Tour
Length: 37 minutes

Mice of the Jungle

Title: Mice of the Jungle
Length: 42 minutes

A Pinky and the Brain Christmas

Title: A Pinky and the Brain Christmas
Length: 33 minutes

Cosmic Attractions

Title: Pinky and the Brain: Cosmic Attractions
Length: 41 minutes


Before Pinky and the Brain, there was Animaniacs. I own all of the videos except Spooky Stuff. Of the ones I have, all are excellent except Wakko's Wish which I find to be very uneven in quality.

Animaniacs Sing-a-Long

The Warners Escape

Animaniacs Stew

Spooky Stuff

Hellooo Holidays!

Wakko's Wish